Corporate social responsibility
Being a company that operates globally, we recognize our responsibility to continuously improve our sustainability initiatives, by challenging the status quo.

Moving towards sustainable operations

Since our foundation in 2006, our mission has been to bring good wine closer to the market. But times are changing, and as the planet is getting warmer and resources are becoming scarcer, we must all take part in tackling climate change and review how we impact our surroundings – both globally and locally.

We recognize our responsibility to address sustainability issues associated with risks and adverse impacts in our entire value chain. Trust and transparency are at the forefront for us and we are committed to reduce negative social and environmental risks from our operations., limiting our environmental impact, establishing safe and good working conditions for our employees, and delivering high-quality products to the market.

In 2020, we intensified our efforts, improved our transparency, and defined new ambitions for the work ahead. We continue to build the platform for our longer-term sustainability strategy – and as part of this process, we plan to present more specific long-term targets during next years.

For more information about how we approach our corporate social responsibility read our latest CSR report by clicking the link below.