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We have gathered a list of recent reviews of some of the wines that we have helped our customers build.

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Once in a while, some of the wines that we have helped our customers source and build, gets picked for a review.


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  • USA
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  • Other, week 17, 2022

Impossible Pinot Noir

California, USA

A quite special and very delicate red wine crafted from Pinot Noir. It has the lightness and juiciness of that grape but also a slightly atypical nose and palate with notes of aromatic apples, gentle black currant juice, blue plums and golden raisins. The wine is certainly worth its retail price and therefore a bargain at 50 DKK., week 15, 2022

Celene Rosé

Califonien, 2021

A straightforward rosé opening with a lovely fresh and full taste of red summer berries and closing softly with a touch of fruity sweetness. This wine is made for those grand events and priced rather attractively, which secures the fifth star. Drink it chilled as a stand-alone or with a chicken dish or salad containing fresh fruit., week 15, 2022

Dream Riesling

Moldova, 2021

This is probably our first tasting of a Moldovan wine. It is, however, a mild and pleasant white wine presenting ripe cherry plum as the chief note in both nose and palate. Its delicate lusciousness makes it suitable for Asian dishes with elements of sweetness. The fifth star is awarded for the unsually favourable bargain price at six bottles.

B.T. Youtube - Det Bedste Af Det Billigste, 5. marts, 2022

The Flag, Red Blend

California, USA

A really fine bouquet. Both fruity and floral notes hinting violets and roses. Nothing fake or unnatural about it but very pleasant. Many of the nuances of the aroma are somewhat simplified, but I do think it’s rather decent handiwork. The stuff is definitely drinkable, especially in a chilled state as it is here. It’s going places, it’s got smell, it’s got taste. It’s actually presenting quite grand notes. It is really coming at you out of the glass. It gives you an experience as opposed to many of the other ones. So let’s give it four points. The Flag: it gets the job done and then some., week 20, 2022

WNTL Syrah

Washington, USA, 2018

BEST BUY OF THE WEEK. Beautiful bouquet of black berries. Young and fruity wine from Washington state in the northwestern United States. Lots of blackberries, pepper and dark spices. Nicely balanced with a fine juicy finish., week 16, 2021

Crystal Blush

California, USA, 2020

The smell of this lovely rosé is marked by ripe red currants and cherries. It has a mild, dry, rich, and smooth taste of berries and a long aftertaste ending in an inciting fruity sweetness. A wine to please most people and therefore a wine for those grand summer parties when time comes. Equally suitable as an aperitif and an all-round wine for a light summer lunch, it comes in an elegantly facetted bottle that you will want to keep as a water carafe.

Politiken, 14. december 2019

Ragnatela Primitivo di Manduria

Italy, 2020

Rich and sweetish wine packing a punch with added spicy notes. Goes the distance beautifully and never loses heart. Quite a simple wine, really, that hits the spot for Christmas dinner., 9 March, 2021

WOW Syrah

Columbia Valley, USA, 2018

A chokingly fine wine considering its pricetag. Really likable, sweetish, round, and pleasant. Beautifully coloured, it’s almost like dark-red velvet drapes on the palate. A really good choice for those barbecue nights or for Christmas dinner when that time comes. Ripe blackberries and vanilla; the best hug of red wine for ages., week 17, 2021

Veronia Appassimento

Terra Siciliane IGT, Italy, 2019

A really lovely and aromatic red wine. It has a ripe blackberry bouquet and an inticing taste of berries with just the right amount of sweetness and acidity. A wine to please many, and at 48 DKK at a six bottle purchase, a really nice value., week 29, 2021

Clarkson Blush Rosé

California, USA, 2019

A really lovely and balanced rosé. Here, you will find the right dryness, a full richness, a smell and taste of ripe strawberries, notes of raspberries, and a long and fruity aftertaste., week 22, 2021

Notte Nera Leone, Zinfandel

Puglia IGT, Italy, 2019

A really fine red wine with an mild bouquet of ripened fruit. The taste is also rich in fruit and fresh berries, smooth and round, and with just the right tannic bite in the end. The fifth star is awarded for the advantageous cost-to-quality ratio., week 34, 2021

Upper Case “R”, Riesling

Washington, USA, 2019

An extraordinarily delicious white wine that smells of honey and summer flowers and has a seductive taste with more notes of honey and the addition of ripe green grapes. A dry wine with a suitable sweet fruitiness. A pleasure both as a stand-alone and accompanying light Asian dishes with their touch of sweetness. Its pricepoint at six bottles is remarkably attractive; those bottles won’t be collecting dust., 21 March, 2021

The Golden Zin, Zinfandel

Lodi California, USA, 2020

While a zinfandel may be both heavy and jammy, you cannot say that about this specimen. Fruity and decidedly on the sweetish side, it is not to be disregarded. And you should keep the name in mind and whip this wine out come barbecue season.